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Who We Are?

Rozafa Ferry

One of the first ferries to restart the Koman-Fierz and Fierz-Koman lines. After a great silence of the ferries that operated Lake Koman, and seeing the requests that were around the ferry for, I think a resident of this area is now the owner of the ferry. In 2012, the rozafa ferry became safer and, from then until now, rozafa ferry sails without interruption every season.
Rozafa ferry is one of the most favorable ferries that gives to tourists: reasonable prices, qualified staff which are the basic options, also Rozafa ferry gives you ample space for people to stay as free and comfortable as possible. The ferry has: ample space for people, vehicles must be booked in advance, and is ready for parties and various events.

Komani Lake Ferry TICKETS, Our ferry Rozafa transporting from Komani lake to Fierza and back.

Extraordinary Experiences

During the cruise you can see extraordinary views and everyone of us wants a photo or video, and the perfect place for photos during the trip.

Our Core Values

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